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  1. SKU: 33RDH
    3 x 3 Flat Tip 5/8″ Radius Corner
    As low as CA$4.50
  2. SKU: 6PT80F
    6 Panel Textured Hollow Door

    From CA$55.00

    To CA$361.40

  3. SKU: FLSHD80F
    80" Flat Slab Doors

    From CA$59.99

    To CA$304.40

    Barn Door Track Bent Hangers
    As low as CA$165.00
  5. SKU: 80CT
    Classique Textured Door

    From CA$55.00

    To CA$309.50

  6. SKU: 1PSMD
    1 Panel Shaker Mirrored Door

    From CA$254.00

    To CA$735.00

  7. SKU: 801CK
    80" 1 Panel Primed Chalk Door
    As low as CA$189.00
  8. SKU: 3LFBP
    3 Lite Frosted White Bypass Sliding Doors
    As low as CA$390.00
    5 Panel Shaker White Laminate Glass Door

    From CA$475.00

    To CA$668.40

    Barn / Pocket Door Finger Pull
    As low as CA$45.00
  11. SKU: BDH
    Barn Door Handle
    As low as CA$49.00
  12. SKU: 3PSK
    3 Panel Shaker Door

    From CA$139.00

    To CA$404.70

  13. SKU: 10LSMDF80-27
    80" 10 Lite Clear Flat Glass French Door

    From CA$145.00 Regular Price CA$179.00

    To CA$402.80 Regular Price CA$436.80

  14. SKU: 1PSGFF80
    1 Lite Shaker White Laminate Glass Door

    From CA$195.00

    To CA$782.90

  15. SKU: 1PDS
    1 Panel Shaker Door

    From CA$119.00

    To CA$400.50

  16. SKU: 1PSG80
    80" Shaker White Laminate Glass Slab Door
    As low as CA$195.00
  17. SKU: 805PS
    5 Panel Shaker Doors

    From CA$149.00

    To CA$396.20

  18. SKU: 2PSKS
    2 Panel Shaker Door

    From CA$129.00

    To CA$472.20

  19. 80" MDF Primed Craftsman Shaker Door - Slab
    80" MDF Primed Craftsman Shaker Door - Slab
    Special Price CA$165.00 Regular Price CA$238.00
  20. SKU: WSR8820
    Square Livia Lever
    As low as CA$25.00
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