Stealth Pivot XL - Essential set

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Stealthpivot XL v2 is designed to be mounted on top of a finished solid surface without the need for any built-in fixtures. The hinge is fitted inside the door and therefor remains invisible after installation, hence the name "Stealth pivot". STEALTHPIVOT XL SET CONTENT: 2 Stealthpivot XL v2 pivot hinges 420N Suspa gas dampers Screws & plugs for fixation in floor and ceiling 2 black pivot mount covers Height adjustment filling plates + metal shims Hexagonal 0° positioning bolts Quickstart instructions Only the most essential screws and plugs are included in the standard set, for easy on-site installation. You can buy seperate accessories and installation tools. FEATURES: Size: L 270 mm x H 33 mm x W 25 mm Designed for internal doors up to 150 kg (330 lbs) Configurable swing operation 180° or 360° -90° | 0° | +90° open/hold positioning Comfort closing with 420N Suspa gas springs Maintenance free design PIVOT AXIS POSITION: <1250 mm width min. 150 mm up to 1/2 >1250 mm width 1/4 up to 1/2 The hinge can be used in an offset axis configuration up to a central axis configuration as desired. The swing operation is adjustable for 180° or 360° functionality depending on the desired pivot axis position. CLOSURE FORCE: The hinge is equipped with 420N Suspa gas dampers out of the box.
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