Extira Board

Extira Board 3/4" x 4 x 8

Extira Board

Extira Board 3/4" x 2ft x 16ft

Extira Board 1/2" x 4ft x 16ft


Extira panels are a revolutionary new-to-the-world material that is unique in three ways:

  1. Extira is a green panel product that resists moisture, rot and termites and offers excellent performance in exterior environments.
  2. Extira panels can be used in any non-structural paint-grade EXTERIOR application. They also work well for high moisture interior environments.
  3. Extira panels have a 5-year warranty, unprecedented in the product category.



Extira panels are produced using the patented and proprietary TEC™ manufacturing process. This sealed press, steam-injected process creates a panel board that is one solid piece. During manufacturing, wood fibers and other ingredients are bonded under heat and pressure, combined with phenolic resins for moisture resistance, and treated with zinc borate, an EPA-registered wood preservative, for added protection against rot and termite damage.



  • Moisture resistant: As measured by ASTM D1037 for water absorption and thickness swelling.
  • Rot resistant: As measured by AWPA E-16 Field Test for Evaluation of Wood Preservatives To Be Used Out of Ground Contact: Horizontal Lap-Joint Method.
  • Termite resistant: As measured by AWPA E-7 Standard Method of Evaluating Wood Preservatives by Field Tests with Stakes.



  • Sanded two sides (S2S) for a smooth, unprimed surface.
  • Resists moisture, rot and termites.
  • Can be used for virtually any non-structural paint grade application, including exterior millwork, door and window parts, signage, garage doors and architectural components.
  • Works with standard tools and practices; easy to handle, cut, machine and nail.
  • Can be sandblasted, routed, carved and laser engraved.
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